Choral Arts Society
THE CHORAL ARTS SOCIETY rehearses on Thursday evenings at the Scarborough Presbyterian Church (please see link to location) from 7.45 to 10.00 PM and always welcomes new singers.
Anyone interested in joining us can come to a rehearsal anytime and try us out. We promise you a warm reception. Auditions may be required by the music director, but will be non-threatening.

Annual dues are $175 per person. Couples are discounted to $150 per person. This added inducement is to attract Tenors and Basses. We offer free scholarships to students and will make private special arrangements for any financial hardships.

Regular attendance at rehearsals is necessary, and the conductor reserves the right to ask a chorus member not to perform if he deems that person unprepared, due to absence. 

In addition to our serious commitment to “prepare and present to our highest standard, music
you won’t hear everywhere else”, members of the Choral Arts Society are really good fun!
We are nonsectarian, of all ages and all walks of life. United by a love of all good music, we frequently socialize. Anyone who has ever attended our popular post-concert receptions can
attest to this.